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We simply do not talk about that Season 4 ending.

  1. Veronica plants a bong in Logan’s locker to get him in trouble.

    Via UPN

  2. Logan initially tells the police he was surfing in Mexico at the time of Lilly’s death. However, it’s later shown that he actually drove back to Neptune earlier than he said.

    Via UPN

  3. Logan and Veronica have their first kiss in Season 1, Episode 18, “Weapons of Class Destruction.”

    Via UPN

  4. “There was this one girl. She was blonde, petite. Smelled of marshmallows and promises.

    Via UPN

  5. Logan buys Lily a shot glass that says, “I got baked in Ensenada.”

    Via UPN

  6. Logan dated Hannah, Carrie, and Kendall, but only Duncan dated Meg.

    Via UPN

  7. “I thought our story was epic, you know? You and me.”

    Via UPN

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