Dolly Parton Christine Baranski Christmas On The Square Interview

But I just recorded a song with Jimmy Fallon on [my new Christmas album] A Holly Dolly Christmas, and I have to honestly say it’s one of the biggest treats in my life because I always watch him singing and I think, He’s got a really good voice. And I wondered if he’d ever wanted to sing for real — I called him and asked him if he’d sing on it, and he said, “Oh, I’m not a real singer.” I said, “Well, I think you are. Will you sing on it?” And we did Mariah’s song “All I Want for Christmas Is You,” and I just love it. And then I got to do a cozy, sexy duet with Michael Bublé that I wrote, so I really enjoyed that.

6. Christine, what project of yours do you most like to revisit?

Christine: You know the movie that I’m so happy I was a part of it — and now that he’s gone, it’s really poignant — is The Birdcage. I still think it’s achingly funny. And now when I see that Robin Williams and I had a little song and dance in that movie, it’s so meaningful to me that I got to work with him. We just do that little Sondheim thing in my office as a reunion, and whenever I see that movie, I think, What a blessing. You know, you feel there are projects you do where you think, I actually was in a room working with that person. And Robin was certainly that person, and Dolly will now be one of those people where I think, I can’t believe that I got to be in the same room working with that person.

Dolly: Thank you.

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