Worst Red Flags People Have Ignored

“Hi, my name is ‘All My Exes Are Crazy.'”

In the throes of love, we sometimes look the other way when a flaw in our partner first becomes apparent.

TikTok user Zoe Bridges was curious about some of these “overlooks,” so she decided to start a role-playing trend where people introduce themselves as the biggest red flag they’ve ever ignored. Zoe started the trend off light with a joke about guys named Jake (why does everyone have an ex named Jake?!):

@3zoebridges ♬ original sound – hailey jackson

It wasn’t long before the responses started rolling in…and let’s just say that some of these people are lucky they’re still here to tell their stories:

This person dated someone who had seven kids and five baby mamas and cheated on everyone he ever dated:


#stitch with @3zoebridges TBF i was only 18 he was 32. Definitely didn’t know any better yet

♬ original sound – KrazySkunk

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