A Woman Pretended To Be A Fairy In A Young Girls Garden

Because everyone is in need of a little magic these days.

Everyone’s been in need of a little extra magic lately — especially this four-year-old girl named Eliana.

At the start of the pandemic, Eliana was feeling a little lonely in quarantine so her parents helped her set up a fairy garden outside of their home in California.

Pretty soon, photographer Kelly Victoria, who was going through a tough time herself, noticed the growing garden in her neighborhood. She immediately knew she had to do something special. That’s when she penned her first note as Sapphire the Fairy:

@saysthefox / Via Twitter: @saysthefox

“I wrote a little note to her, pretending to be a fairy named Sapphire that had come to live in the tree because she had set it up so nicely and I left it on the tree that night on my walk and said I would gift her with a magical fairy dice if she did 3 things for me,” Kelly wrote on Twitter.

Kelly says she didn’t expect a response to her note but the next day, she found a handwritten letter from Eliana explaining she had completed all of Sapphire’s tasks. She even included a drawing of her favorite animal so Sapphire could show the other fairies:

Of course, Sapphire provided the dice she promised to Eliana (and a note to her parents letting them know who she was)! And thus began a magical relationship between Eliana and Sapphire the Fairy.

“Doing this every night gave me purpose in a horribly painful and lonely time. I looked forward to my days again and I started ordering art supplies and little trinkets to leave her,” Kelly wrote.

At one point, Eliana requested a photo of Sapphire and Kelly rose to the occasion thanks to some items she had from an old Halloween costume!

After nine months of writing back and forth, Eliana’s mom let Kelly know that the family was moving and would have to leave the fairy garden behind. Eliana was having a hard time with the news, so Sapphire let her know she had to move too.

@saysthefox / Via Twitter: @saysthefox

“I made sure to include some support in my letters and told her I had to move as well so she’d feel like we were both going through it together. Her mom said it was helping her so much and they really wanted to try to see me somehow before they left,” Kelly explained.

And thanks to some magic that allows fairies to turn into the size of humans when they are moving to new gardens, Eliana and Sapphire finally got the chance to meet.

After the story went viral on Twitter, Kelly penned a poignant message, encouraging everyone to “be a Sapphire” for someone else.

@saysthefox / Via Twitter: @saysthefox

“I don’t deserve any praise, Eliana is just as incredible and definitely helped me more than she realizes right now. I’m no different from anyone, everyone can be someone’s Sapphire…It’s easy to get lost in depressive thoughts and feel like you can’t crawl out. It just takes one little act of kindness to immediately give your days purpose again and then before you know it, you look back and don’t even remember how it felt to be in that much pain,” Kelly wrote on Instagram.

Kelly noted that everyone needs a little more magic in their lives to cling to right now, especially children. “The kids are in this together with us and they’re going to remember how we acted,” she told BuzzFeed, adding that “anyone can do things like this!”

Here’s to adding a little magic to someone else’s day. You never know how it may impact both of your lives! Make sure to read Kelly’s full story on Twitter!

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