Funniest Tweets About Men From 2020

DISCLAIMER: I obviously did not write these tweets!!! I simply think they’re funny and wanted to share them with you guys. Please enjoy. And if one of these tweets hits home with you, please be sure to follow the person who tweeted it to ensure that your Twitter feed stays full of funny jokes about men. Enjoy, and HAPPY ALMOST NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!


you ever meet a man and it’s so obvious that no one in his life has ever told him to shut the fuck up


Women get to smell like real things (vanilla, lavender) but men have to smell like concepts. What the fuck is “cool sport rush”


men be like, “the last thing i ever want to do is hurt u………………but its still on my list”


being attracted to men is so embarrassing, the bar is so low, we’re like “and when i talk he listens 🥺” 🤢


men will tweet “women aren’t funny” and then go watch an episode of the office written by mindy kailing and be like “this is real comedy”


I’m gonna start telling men “I know a place” and then drop them off at a therapist.


boys literally don’t post ANYTHING on social media a guy could be getting married and he’ll only post like the sunset on his story


men hating women for liking astrology .. u literally play a game of spreadsheets where u pretend to be the manager of a football team


Guys will be like “show me” when you’re mid-sexting them and it’s like, bb I’m at Whole Foods with my mom it’s 2pm…did u think…i was masturbating rn???


it’s been scientifically proven that if a guy asks for ur snapchat and not ur number he has the emotional intelligence of a crouton


You ever meet a guy who thinks that a joke from a major blockbuster comedy is an inside joke with him and his friends


How do men find pillows that flat? I have never seen flat lifeless pillows being sold and yet men always own them


i’ve always hated the idea of a “man cave” because what the fuck do men need a break from


Biden- “If you make over 400k a year your taxes will be higher.”

Guys from my high school that make 35K a year-


boys say girls are dramatic but have you ever plucked a guys eyebrow? they act like they’ve been shot


“if I could play devils advocate for a second” dude just let me talk to the devil himself u are so annoying


Guys will post “nobody cares about your Spotify wrapped” and then post a picture of their car


when women say “i hate men” we don’t mean you, unless you get offended then yes we do mean you

2020 is finally (almost) over, and we’re looking back on the year. Check out even more from the year here!

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