AP Disney Princess Test – Can You Get A 5?

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How big of a Disney fan are you?

  1. She’s the only Disney princess with a tattoo!

    Via Disney

  2. Ariel is the youngest of seven girls!

    Via Disney

  3. You might remember that people sing, “Bonjour!” throughout the opening number.

    Via Disney

  4. Remembering the sun on her mobile is the key to realizing she’s the long lost princess!

    Via Disney

  5. Who’s a good boy?!

    Via Disney

  6. I think that’s even cuter than Tiana’s Place, her original idea!

    Via Disney

  7. She saves Shang from Shan Yu in the mountains!

    Via Disney

  8. These two are the absolute worst!

    Via Disney

  9. What beautiful gifts! Aurora is lucky to have the fairies in her life.

    Via Disney

  10. Baby Moana is such a sweetheart. And so cute, too!

    Via Disney

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