These Questions Reveal Your Dominant Personality Trait

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Are you more courageous or empathetic?

  1. Would you explore this eerie, abandoned building?

    Vladimir Zapletin / Getty

  2. Would you perform on this stage?


  3. Could you live here?

    Anton Petrus / Getty

  4. Do you enjoy art museums?

    Mint Images RF / Getty

  5. Do you believe in ghosts?

    Artinun Prekmoung / EyeEm / Getty

  6. Would you go zip lining?

    Mayur Kakade / Getty

  7. Do you sing in the shower?


  8. Would you wake up early to watch this sunrise?

    Anton Petrus / Getty

  9. Do you like to dance?

    Brooke Schaal Photography / Getty

  10. Would you eat this sandwich?

    stephanie phillips / Getty

  11. Would you kiss someone in the rain?


  12. Do you like reading?

    Luis Alvarez / Getty

  13. Do you enjoy watching storms?


  14. Would you audition for a TV show?

    Stouffer / Getty

  15. Do you enjoy gardening?


  16. Would you ever go sailing?

    Posnov / Getty

  17. Are you good with numbers?

    La Bicicleta Vermella / Getty

  18. Do you like surprises?


  19. Do you enjoy shopping?

    Thomas Barwick / Getty

  20. Are you afraid of the dark?

    ianmcdonnell / Getty

  21. Would you do karaoke in front of a crowded bar?

    HEX / Getty

  22. Do you think you’re funny?

    Klaus Vedfelt / Getty

  23. Could you live without your phone?

    Karl Tapales / Getty

  24. Do you believe in soulmates?


  25. Finally, would you visit all seven continents?

    Emilija Manevska / Getty

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