Funny 2021 New Year’s Tweets

To celebrate the start of 2021, here are just some of the funniest tweets about the start of the new year:


I woke up with all the lights on and half a pop tart in my hand 😩😩😩 how y’all start y’all 2021 ?? 😭


i have decided to be even hotter this year. don’t know how that’s possible but i have hope


I will NOT eat up my money in 2021..I got food at home! I got food at home! I GOT FOOD AT HOME!!!😂😂😂


hi friends- for the new year I’m taking a break from life so I can focus on social media. if you need me you can find me here, constantly


I’m a very suspicious person. Last year I wished everybody a happy new year and look what happened. So this year, from the bottom of my heart, fuck you.

Wishing you all a safe and happy 2021!

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