How To Make A BuzzFeed Poll Quiz

1. Text placement: Select “overlay text” if you’d like your questions and answers to appear within the default question box, or if you’d like them to appear as regular text. Give it a try within your draft to check out how these look and choose which style you prefer!

2. Text style: If you select “solid,” your question text will appear as the default style you see when creating the quiz. If you select “stroke,” an outline will appear around your text. Keep in mind this option is only available if you select “overlay text” in section No. 1.

To select a color for your text, click on a color square under the “Auto Size” drop-down box. If you’d prefer to add a color that isn’t featured, you may add a color code yourself in the rectangular box that says #ffffff.

In this section, you may also change the font and size of your text.

3. Background: Here you may select the background color of your question and answer boxes. Click on the box(es) you’d like to change, and then select a color square. As in section No. 2, you may add a color code if the color you’d like isn’t already an option.

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