Tana Mongeau Reacts To Diss Track From Ex Bella Thorne

*Jasmine Masters voice* “Nothing new, nothing changed.”

The dumpster fire that was 2020 ended with a BANG (depending on who you ask) in the form of exes Tana Mongeau and Bella Thorne duking it out on Twitter and TikTok!

Well, you know what they say: New Year, Same Mess. ICYMI, Bella Thorne released a diss track and accompanying music video called “Stupid F*cking Bitch,” which is allegedly about Tana Mongeau.

So naturally, Tana and her squad — Imari, Ashly, Ari, and an off-camera Hunter — had to watch, react, and roast Bella’s vid:

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Tana Mongeau / Via

Live footage of me watching this entire saga unfold:

Tana Mongeau / Via

It’s Hunter calling out that Bella shot this video in 720p off-camera FOR ME!

To set the tone, Imari tweeted this before the kerfuffle between Tana and Bella blew up on the interwebs:

wish you the absolute best girly @bellathorne but I’m not gonna sit back and watch you call my best friend a stupid fucking bitch

But the gloves have come off and Tana & Co. are coming for blood! This is everyone’s first time watching the video, and Tana revealed that a friend of hers told her this troubling fact:

Right off the bat, Tana is shooting SHOTS! One of them is calling out her “friend” Charlie DePew for appearing in this music video months after appearing in her music video, “FaceTime.”

All’s fair in love and social media war, I guess:

Tana’s response to Bella’s lyric…#messmessmess!

“I am one to stain some images, but I think that the national crime that you just committed on sex workers everywhere is what might be affecting your image a little more than dating me.”

But you already KNOW that this wasn’t enough, because Tana HAD to take it to

bella favoriting tweets about how i’m spreading negativity like she didn’t make a song about me called stupid fucking bitch hahahahahaha imagine being so narcissistic u literally cant even take a taste of ur own medicine JESUS

Twitter: @tanamongeau

I’m not entirely sure how I would react if an ex did this to me…so who am I to judge how Tana handled? To each their own, I guess.

Bella Thorne has yet to publicly comment on this matter.

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