Bridgerton Funny Tweets Part Two

Wait, there are THREE Bridgerton brothers?

According to Netflix, Bridgerton has been watched by 63 million households. Chances are, you might be one of those 63 million who watched it for the plot.

Since the show has been out for a couple weeks now, here’s a new batch of funny Bridgerton tweets! And, of course, there are some light SPOILERS ahead!


spent the first day of the new year watching bridgerton start to finish, what’s really stuck with me is the montage of multiple sex scenes (to an orchestral taylor swift arrangement) explicitly and repeatedly demonstrating the pull-out method

Twitter: @pllcy


Simon Basset, the Duke of Hastings, King of strong pull out game, Protector of all WAPs, Breaker of backs and the Defender of self pleasure… long may he reign! #Bridgerton

Twitter: @NolaMarianna

Want more? Check out our other list of funny Bridgerton tweets, and be sure to give the folks on both lists a follow to make your timeline a funnier place!

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