Which Nickelodeon Food Are You?

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We can’t all be a Krabby Patty!

  • Accidentally hit her with your car

  • Continue on with your day

  • Casually sing a song dedicated to her

  • Create a trap to capture the fairies for yourself

  • Freak out ‘cause you’ve never seen fairies before

  • Walk past them and continue shopping

  • Ask Timmy if you can make a wish

  • Try your best to help him

  • Slip on the same banana peel because you were too busy texting and didn’t see it

  • Call the fire department because he got himself into a VERY precarious situation 

  • Ziplining and scuba diving. It’s a party

  • Just catch up and hang out

  • Fight against the Avatar instead

  • You’ll stay and help but hope it’s not too violent or scary

  • I just want a burger… why is this place on fire?!

  • Remember that you’re underwater and blow water on the fire

  • Dump sand from the sea floor onto the stove and hope that it extinguishes the flames

  • Have SpongeBob absorb all the water in the area then use him as a fire hose

  • A hat that morphs into a car when you go outside

  • Renewable food source that grows quickly and doesn’t harm the environment

  • A portal gun that will take you to the Fairly OddParent’s universe causing another crossover

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