18 Celebrities Who Have Gotten The Vaccine

From politicians to performers.


Queen Elizabeth

Carl Court / Getty Images

On Jan. 9, Buckingham Palace released a statement saying, “The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh have today received COVID-19 vaccinations.”


Joe Biden

Jim Watson / Getty Images


Sir Ian McKellen

‘I really hope that, as more people get vaccinated, we will move further along the path back to a more normal way of life.’

Sir @IanMcKellen joins the thousands of people who have now safely received the first dose of the #CovidVaccine.

Twitter: @NHSEngland


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

If you have any questions or unease about the COVID vaccine, I got you!

I’d *never* ask you to do something I wasn’t willing to do myself.

Yday per national security policy (PPD40), Congress began getting vaccinated.

I took the jab & am here to answer your questions. Ask away!

Twitter: @AOC


Sir David Attenborough

Ben Stansall / Getty Images


Ken Todd, Lisa Vanderpump’s husband

Paul Archuleta / Getty Images

According to TMZ, the Inglewood Men’s Health Clinic had leftover doses that were going to expire, so Ken was able to get one. TMZ says he’s 75 with two underlying health conditions.


Dr. Anthony Fauci

Anadolu Agency / Getty Images


British actor Brian Blessed

Tonight Brian and Hildegarde Blessed joined the fight against Covid-19. After receiving his Covid vaccination, Brian Blessed OBE thanked the NHS for saving his and his wife’s life. @brianblessed @NHSEngland #CovidVaccinations #COVID19

Twitter: @SH_CCG


Dr. Sanjay Gupta

Our good doc gets vaccinated! A great day for all of us @drsanjaygupta. Watch as he and Dr. Valerie Montgomery Rice @MSMPres get the @pfizer vaccine.


Kamala Harris

Alex Edelman / Getty Images


Mitch McConnell

Just received the safe, effective COVID vaccine following continuity-of-government protocols. Vaccines are how we beat this virus.

Now back to continue fighting for a rescue package including a lot more money for distribution so more Americans can receive it as fast as possible.


Baseball legend Hank Aaron


And finally, Dr. Joe Park from season 16 of The Bachelorette

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