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They were doing some pretty heavy hand-holding in there.

Hey there. If you haven’t watched Bridgerton yet, watch out, because there are major SPOILERS ahead!

There are countless reasons why fans are obsessed with Bridgerton. The costumes, the music, the romantic speeches…

But there’s one element that really has people talking: the “Wildest Dreams” sex montage and THAT. LIBRARY. SCENE.

If you’ll remember (tbh, how could you forget?), Episode 6 of Bridgerton sees Simon and Daphne on their honeymoon. In Bridgerton’s world, that means they spend basically every waking moment having sex all over their lavish English estate.

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And of course, all of this is set to Taylor Swift’s “Wildest Dreams” in orchestral form.

spent the first day of the new year watching bridgerton start to finish, what’s really stuck with me is the montage of multiple sex scenes (to an orchestral taylor swift arrangement) explicitly and repeatedly demonstrating the pull-out method

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The montage is amazing overall, but there’s one part that really struck a chord with fans: the library scene.

they had no right making the sex scenes look so good in Bridgerton, now i want to live in a manor house and get railed in a library on a bookshelf ladder, cheers x

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People drew comparisons to the library sex scene in Atonement, because how could you not?

the Atonement library scene walked so the Bridgerton one could run

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But to me, the most important thing about that salacious library scene is this: IT WAS THE FIRST SCENE PHOEBE DYNEVOR AND REGÉ-JEAN PAGE SHOT TOGETHER.

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Seriously, their first day on set together as Daphne and Simon, these two filmed a sex scene on a library ladder. Also, it was shot in the library at the Reform Club of London, which houses one of Shakespeare’s first folios.


(☝ actual GIF of librarians everywhere/probably Shakespeare’s ghost watching that scene.)

Anyway, I think we can all agree that we’ll never look at library ladders, stone staircases, outdoor gazebos in the rain, or Taylor Swift’s “Wildest Dreams” the same again.

all i can say is after watching bridgerton i would like a library room with a ladder in my house……

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