50 Jokes About The “Queen’s Gambit” That Are Almost As Good As The Show

*Suddenly buys a chessboard and googles how to play.*

One of my favorite things that came out of The Queen’s Gambit is the fire tweets joking about it that just give me a hearty chuckle.

Phil Bray / Phil Bray / Netflix


beth: this date is boring

benny: this isn’t a date, i just said i was going to the store

beth: then why did you invite me?

benny: i specifically said “don’t come with me” and you said “fuck you, i’ll do what i want” and walked with me to the store

Twitter: @incorrecttqg


no i do not have “passions”. i have a rotating list of things i become hyperfixated on based on the last tv show i watched. for example right now im working on becoming a grandmaster in chess despite never having played

Twitter: @perfectsweeties


me starting The Queen’s Gambit: what’s the deal with chess

me after four episodes: if Beth just castled kingside she could have compensated for double pawns AND still maintained the Sicilian Defense what is she DOING

Twitter: @MarcSnetiker

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