Gossip Girl Jokes Any Fan Will Laugh At


we can reboot gossip girl, we can reboot sex and the city, how about we reboot “the years of my life when I was tiny and carefree, unaware of just how dark this life can get”??

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After Dan Humphrey revealed he was Gossip Girl, he left the upper east side and moved to a different part of New York to become Joe Goldberg.
After everything with Candice & Beck, he moves to LA to become Will 🤯🤯

NBC / Twitter: @Dianeerrs


If you didn’t appreciate Penn Badgley as Dan Humphrey, you don’t deserve to obsess over him as Joe Goldberg (nor should you, probably? lol).

The CW / Netflix / Twitter: @kavelle429


because i watched gossip girl 3 times through as a teenager, every few weeks i fall subject to having the “hit” (only) song performed by dan and jenny’s creepy dad rufus and his corny band “Lincoln Hawk” stuck in my head

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Watching gossip girl has made me want to dress up in fancy clothes & wear heels everyday, even if it is just to walk around my house. 👠👗

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