Plan A Multi-Course Dinner Party And Reveal Your Soulmate’s Best Quality

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Buckle in — this one will be long, but it has to be to be accurate!

What time do you want your guests to start arriving?

Where do you want to have the dinner party?

Who would you like to invite?

How are you inviting people?

During which season are you hosting the party?

Is this for a special celebration?

What is the theme of your dinner party?

Choose a tablescape that best suits the vibe you’re going for

What drink are you planning to buy/make the most of before people arrive?

It’s just a couple hours before people start showing up. What are you setting as your centerpiece for the event?

Table cloth tonight?

It’s about an hour away and the mains and dessert are set, what appetizer do you want to start working on?

What music did you want in the background?

Most people have shown up and the first round of appetizers is completely gone, but you have the second batch coming right up, what is it?

Oh no, you ran out of something, what are you telling the first volunteer to run up to the store to get?

Crisis averted! Now, you can really begin the dinner part of a dinner party. First is soup/ salad course, you went with:

Time for a palate cleanser before the main course, what is your intermezzo?

Time for the main course, which is…

That’s going with a side of…

And another side of

Down for some party games while you hang out after eating?

If yes, what game are you feeling?

Now that stomachs have settled a little, it’s time to get everyone full again with dessert. What do you have planned?

And a big scoop of what kind of ice cream with that?

Everyone is talking, enjoying the ambiance and sipping on…

Everyone is still full from dinner, but as they’re getting ready to leave, you send them off with a little something to munch on for the ride home, so you give them…

The last person just waved goodbye from the driveway. You know it’s probably getting a little late, but you still want to…

You realize it’s definitely time for bed when you see the time. You’re spent and it’s almost…

What time do you start getting up to clean the next day?

Before we finish up, what person are you thinking of when we say “your soulmate”?

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