Jackie Aina’s Fake Lyft Driver

THIS is how you make the best out of an annoying situation.

Beauty YouTuber Jackie Aina recently shut down a claim that she was rude to her Lyft driver by making the simplest case — she doesn’t use Lyft.

OK, let’s back up for a moment.

Jackie Aina is a beauty guru with a massive following — 3.58 million subscribers on YouTube — and she’s also known for telling it like it is.

In a TikTok video, Aina shared her favorite spot to get flowers on wholesale and teased that she’d be sharing a future DIY bouquet tutorial.

In response to absolutely nothing in the video, one user shared a story in the comment section about how they once gave Aina a ride while working for Lyft and claimed that Aina was “sooo rude.”

The only issue? Aina doesn’t use Lyft.

no but why did this lady comment this on my TikTok and I responded saying “I know that’s a lie because I don’t use Lyft” she deleted it so fast!! why lie? what do you gain 😭

Twitter: @jackieaina / Via Twitter: @jackieaina

After the comment was deleted, fans of Aina quickly passed the baton and jokingly posted their own faux encounters where Aina was rude to them in the most ridiculous of situations.

One user suddenly remembered giving Aina a ride in his power wheels Jeep:

Another feigned a time when she was a pilot for Aina on a private jet:

One user even joked about offering Aina a ride on their back as a 3-year-old:

The made up encounters are truly hilarious.

And they seem to get more ridiculous as you scroll.

Being in the public eye comes with higher levels of scrutiny and sometimes even unfounded allegations, and if the internet responds, you best believe they’re going to come with jokes.

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