16 Reasons Why Tiana From Princess And The Frog Is The Best Disney Princess

A true Disney princess who was ambitious and never gave up on her dreams.

I’m a self-proclaimed Disney fan, and while I’ve always been a fan of Disney princesses, I didn’t find my favorite until one specific and iconic one showed up — Tiana. Tiana is hands down my most favorite and beloved Disney princess for many reasons.


She was easily the most relatable, she worked two jobs, worked hard for her dreams, and she always pushed on in the face of adversity.

Her life wasn’t all roses and butterflies like all the princesses before her. She didn’t wait around for a prince to sweep her off her feet, and there were times she felt discouraged — an incredibly personable quality that makes her more human than any other royal before her.

Here are all the reasons why Tiana is by far the best Disney princess who ever existed:


First of all, Tiana is the first Black Disney princess, which was long overdue when the movie was released in 2009. She proves that representation is IMPORTANT.


Tiana literally never cared about marrying a prince. Even from a young age, she didn’t feel like she needed a man to make her whole.


She came from humble beginnings. Although Tiana would go over to Charlotte’s home as a child so her mom could create dresses for Charlotte, she was never ungrateful for the life she had, which led to her having a close-knit bond with her parents.


Her relationship with her dad is heart-warming. He always supported her dreams of cooking.


He also taught her how to make amazing gumbo, so he already wins the best dad award.


She knew from a young age that sharing experiences with others was what was fulfilling in life.


Tiana had respect for her own wishes and dreams, but knew that wishing on stars and setting goals for yourself would only get you half of the way. It would take hard work and determination to truly make them a reality.


Her dad also told her, “never lose sight of what’s truly important,” and that was family.


She knew the meaning of hard work and literally worked two jobs to save money for her dream of opening her own restaurant. (TBH — working two jobs is the most relatable thing any Disney princess has ever done.)


*Also, her beignet making skills = 10/10*


She was always able to see the potential where others might see work. She was able to envision how amazing she could make her restaurant space one day, even when her mom thought it looked like a hot mess.


She arguably has the best Disney princess solo song ever because it’s actually realistic. *SINGS “ALMOST THERE” AT THE TOP OF MY LUNGS*


“People ‘round here think I’m crazy — but I don’t care.”


She has some of the best sidekicks of any princess. Louie and Ray? Both 10/10, helpful, and will melt your heart (unlike some other annoying sidekicks…*cough Mushu cough*)


OMG, and can’t forget Evangeline *cries*


She’s open to people’s advice and willing to better herself. *cue Mama Odie’s “Dig a Little Deeper”*


She never seeks to get Naveen to fall for her, he just falls for her authentic self because she is a catch. PERIOD.


He also would have never survived the Bayou without her, let’s be honest.


She has one of the most heartfelt, quotable falling-in-love moments ever. “My dream wouldn’t be complete without you in it.” BRB while I SOB.


Not to be whatever, but they have the most stunning royal outfits E-V-E-R.


Tiana and Naveen put in the time, effort, and elbow grease to actually build her dream restaurant AND their relationship. (A table for one, please!)


And she’s all-around a good person and saw her dreams through to the end. What more could you possibly want from a princess? I’ll tell you: nothing.

BuzzFeed / Brooke Greenberg

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