Could You Escape From Your District In “The Hunger Games”?

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Would you take the risk of escaping your district or the risk of being reaped?

First off, why would you be leaving your district?

Are you taking anyone with you?

What district are you from?

You have filled a backpack and can take one more thing. What do you take?

How do you escape?

You’ve escaped! Where are you headed?

You are travelling through the woods north. You have run out of food. What do you do?

You run into two girls headed north, like you. They say they are from District 9 and escaped their district to head north. They ask to join you. What do you do?

You have run out of clean water. How do you get more?

You have been travelling for several days when a hovercraft appears over you, it begins to descend and you…

The best place to travel through is…

The hovercraft comes down and two armed men come up to you. They tell you that they are from District 13 and you must come with them. You…

You now live in District 13. You miss your family and friends. Do you request to go back for them?

Final question! What do you mainly do in District 13?

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