31 Weird Things Millennials Did As Kids, Not Gen Z

You probably still do some of these.

In the days before kids could play games on their parents’ phones or ask Alexa to play “Baby Shark” on repeat…

…some of our ideas of what fun was were a little more…out-of-the-box than others….

…yet so many of those weird things we did as kids were universal experiences, like:


Playing with the rubber door stopper.

Garrett Aitken / Getty Images

The only musical instrument you were good at.


Drawing pictures in that kind of carpet/upholstery.

Vicnt / Getty Images

Your grandmother’s living room was your canvas.


Convincing yourself you were creating a masterpiece on the Etch-A-Sketch right before you dropped it.

Fox / Via

It belonged in a museum, but it lives on in your memory.


Learning a horror version of the Barney theme song on the playground.

PBS / Via

Where did this even come from? What did Barney ever do it us?


Purposefully dropping your friend during a trust fall.


Picking crab grass and dandelions to make a “salad.”

Netflix / Via

You always wondered what it tasted like, too.


Spinning in a rolling chair any chance you got.

Dave & Les Jacobs / Getty Images


Pinching your fingers/mouth/nose with a claw clip.

Andreycherkasov / Getty Images

Why was this so much fun?


Seeing how far you could jump off the swings.

Colleen Rudolph / Getty Images

This should be an Olympic sport.


Going through a horse phase.

Terry Vine / Getty Images

Bonus points if it coincided with your Little House on the Prairie or Boxcar Children phase.


Asking your friend to burn you a copy of their new movie or CD.

Devonyu / Getty Images

This was basically the precursor to sharing Netflix passwords.


Trying to roll your eyes back far enough to see inside your brain.

ABC / Via

I’m still disappointed it never worked, tbh.


Drawing the D in the Disney logo to figure out how it wasn’t a G.

Kristen Harris / BuzzFeed

Forget Walt’s frozen head, this is the greatest Disney mystery.


Getting unnecessarily angry about the results of your MASH life.


No one wants to live in a shack with their husband the Jolly Green Giant.


Staring out the car window and pretending you’re in a music video.

Taylor Swift / Via

Especially when it rains, for the *drama*.


Using one of these hairbrushes as a microphone.

Razara / Getty Images

Who needs a karaoke machine?


Stealing the kitchen chairs or the couch cushions to build a fort.

Jasmin Merdan / Getty Images

Figuring out you could use twine to help hold up the blankets was a GAME CHANGER.


Mixing “potions” with every random product in the bathroom.

Cartoon Network / Via

Sabrina the Teenage Witch much?


Nibbling on Play-Doh.


Jumping to slap the top of a doorframe at school.


Giving yourself a tattoo with a pen.

St. Lucia / Via

You just wanted to be cool.


Desperately wanting to pick the Styrofoam cranberries off decorations like this.

Peterspiro / Getty Images

Kids today are so lucky with their squishies and slime.


Sniffing those scented markers.

A24 / Via

Mr. Sketch could make it big as a candle company.


Dipping a paper clip/a pen cap/your finger into a candle warmer.

NBC / Via

Then you pulled the wax off to create art.


Making jewelry out of paper clips.

Jaouad.k / Getty Images

Cartier who? I only know Clippier.


Holding your hand over the TV to feel the static.


Taking the dead batteries out of the remote and rubbing them on your clothes to “recharge” them.

Disney / Pixar / Via

Looking for new batteries was such a waste of time.


Trying to figure out how those magic baby doll bottles with the disappearing juice worked.

Sweetymommy / Getty Images

I feel like you’d need an engineering degree to understand.


Keeping the tags on your Beanie Babies so they could make you rich one day.

The Washington Post / The Washington Post via Getty Im

Those little bears were supposed to be your college fund.


Fitting as much of that measuring tape gum into your mouth as possible.

Wrigley’s / Via

I wonder what the world record is…


And finally, mushing up all your lunch leftovers and daring your friends to try a bite.

Disney / Via

This could be a sabotage on Cutthroat Kitchen.

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