Secrets From Dog Owners About Having A Puppy

“Honestly, to raise a puppy on your own, you gotta have unending determination and patience. The first year is similar to having a baby or toddler.

You have to be okay with dragging your tired body out of bed like five times every night to let the dog out, you have to have a work schedule where you will be home every few hours to let them out, you can’t be afraid of wild zoomies and VERY painful biting/mouthiness, plus they potty in the house, cry, and eat/chew things constantly.

I was only 20 when I first got my puppy and I lived alone (without roommates or a partner), and I was genuinely unprepared for how incredibly difficult it was. I felt like I was almost a zombie I was so tired, I really thought I was gonna die for a while because of how much work it was.

I think people need to know about how really tough the first year is, since I also worked in a dog rescue for a few years and the most common age we saw given up was about 6 months, when the cute little puppy phase was gone and the hard work was starting to be too much. If people were better prepared, they’d be able to see past the adorable puppy phase and know if they can actually handle getting a puppy or not.

Also, I should note too, the first year will pass! If you can make it through the first year, everything will get better!! My dog is 3 now, and she’s my best friend. I love her more than anything, and the difficult puppyhood was 100% worth it!

(Also, the photo is from the day I adopted my dog!)


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