Married People Share How They Caught Spouse Cheating


“About six months after we got married, my ex started talking about a coworker who was having issues with her partner. A few weeks later, he called to tell me she’d be staying at our house because her partner ‘got violent.’ I wasn’t happy about not being consulted, but I’m not gonna turn away someone experiencing domestic violence, so I let it slide.”

“My ex stayed up all night with her then got mad at me for being upset about it. This happened twice more — once while his parents were in town visiting. He moved out right after that, claiming he needed ‘space to work on his sobriety’ (which is a whole different story, but he’s definitely not sober).

A few weeks later — exactly one week after our first wedding anniversary — I found a bunch of love notes she’d written to him, online reviews he’d written for hotels and a spa they’d gone to together, and that he was not actually staying with a friend.

I also discovered that her partner wasn’t abusing her. He had actually moved out of state a while before because he found out she was cheating. That’s maybe the thing that upsets me the most because that was such a disgusting lie to tell.

I bagged ALL his shit up and put it outside, cleaned out our joint account, told his entire family what he’d done, and moved on. Two and a half years later, I’m happier and healthier than ever before.” —ssketchator1

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