32 Surreal Pictures Of The Crazy Texas Cold


It’s so cold that people’s faucets are frozen:

Stay safe y’all
Frozen faucet at my rental 😧😬❄️ #drip #frozenpipes #houwx #houstonfreeze #houstonpoweroutage #houstonweather

Twitter: @michaelbrom


Dish soap is freezing:

@ThomasBlackGG @_Gabriela_97 My dish soap in the back is frozen solid too… 🙃 do u see how my faucet is literally coming out of place?

Twitter: @valsatuo


That’s a frozen fish tank:


Dog bowls are freezing too:

My dog’s water bowl inside my kitchen lit up with a flashlight. No rolling blackouts. Zero electrons since 2am last night, almost 24hrs. Frozen pipes. Houston Texas. Why not in the federal grid? Why so underprepared #ERCOT #texaspoweroutage #TexasFreeze

Twitter: @UnedumacatedJo


This isn’t normal!

please appreciate this photo of my dad standing on top of our frozen pool in dallas, measuring the thickness of the ice with a tape measure 😂 #DallasWeather #dfw

Twitter: @xdianarose


Water fountains are freezing:

This is the water fountain at Pensive. It appears the misters on the fountain have frozen. @CityOfDallas @DallasParkRec have been notified. Thanks to a few of you for reporting this!

Twitter: @NorthavenTrail


It’s not good!

Damn never thought about this. 🤔

Pro tip compliments of my neighbors: if your water is shut off or pipes are frozen, fill your bath tub with snow and use the water for your toilets 🚽

To all my northern friends, don’t judge us. We are learning the hard way 😂

Twitter: @veterans_i


I mean, there’s ice all over the cacti!


People fortunate to have homes in the first place are camping out in their living rooms:

It is 43 degrees inside my apartment and it’s looking like I might not have power until tomorrow. I’m losing about a degree every hour or two inside. Luckily I have an all-season tent that (kinda) fits in my living room where I plan to sleep so this is where we’re at #TexasFreeze

Twitter: @sarahradinasch


This person’s hallway is basically a skating rink:


Here’s an indoor waterfall caused by a pipe burst in Denton, Texas:

Shocking! 😱 Turn up the volume!

Pipes busted from freezing. (Denton, Texas)
Please, If you are in Texas and you have not done so, let a couple of faucets drip until the freeze is over!

#TexasFreeze #Texas #Denton

Twitter: @anasalhajji


And here’s an outdoor balcony waterfall in Dallas:

A Camden Property in the Victory Park/Uptown Dallas area. People aren’t just “crying” about snowfall. Pipes are literally bursting in residential buildings around the metroplex, causing property damage to hundreds of residents!

Twitter: @djordxc


People are helping each other in any way they can.

I just skid off the road into some icy mud because of the black ice, and in less than a minute, two different trucks stopped and helped me get my car out of the mud. Texans really the best people, I love it here.

Twitter: @JoeCrush5


And even if they don’t have salt, they have grits.

@briangaar In San Antonio here. We had nothing else on hand, so we poured grits on our frozen slippery stairs to get traction. It worked. 😎

Twitter: @stimptown

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