8 Photo Stories That Will Challenge Your View Of The World

This week, we watched in horror as Texans tried to cope with an unprecedented snowstorm, freezing temperatures, and an inept power utility that left millions without heat. More than 30 people have died and several cities still do not have access to clean water. Meanwhile, Sen. Ted Cruz decided it was a good time to go to Cancún. We collected images showing how residents of the state struggled to stay warm and carry on. Elsewhere in the world, Greece also received severe weather, which left the ancient ruins blanketed in snow.

In a story of justice gone wrong, Martin Schoeller photographed death row inmates who were actually innocent and looked at the burden they carry after being exonerated. After the surge of COVID-19 deaths in California, Robert LeBlanc photographed one funeral home as it tried to handle the influx of bodies.

We also spoke with two young women changing the photography industry through stories of Black joy, and to Dieter Mackenbach, who has made it his mission to archive incredible images of elaborate Chinese plating displays. Aperture magazine’s issue 241, “Utopia,” looked at women who find freedom in collage art, and TK NAME, a young photographer in England, produced a photo series as a tribute to the UK’s essential postal workers.

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